Mention the steps to build a custom VPC ?

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asked Jul 22, 2018 in Cloud-Computing by appy_v (243 points)
What are the steps to build a custom VPC ?Give step wise points?

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answered Jul 22, 2018 by appy_v (243 points)
Below are the steps of build a custome VPC:

1. Create a VPC

2. Create subnets

3. Create an internet gateway (IGW)

4. Attach the new IGW to your VPC

5. Create a new route table (RT)

6. Add the IGW as a route to the new RT

7. Add a subnet to the RTs subnet associations (this will be the public facing subnet)

8. Create web server (public subnet) and database server (private subnet) instances

9. Create a new security group for the NAT instance

10. Add HTTP and HTTPS inbound rules that allow traffic from the private subnets IP

11. Create a NAT instance (public subnet)

Community AMIs
Search for amzn-ami-vpc-nat
Choose the first image
Diable Auto-assign Public IP
Add it to the NAT security group
12. Create an Elastic IP

12. Associate the Elastic IP to the NAT

13. Disable Source/Destination Checks for the NAT

14. Add the NAT instance as a route to the initial VPC RT
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