What is the main feature of VPC

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asked Jul 17, 2018 in Cloud-Computing by appy_v (243 points)
Main feature/benefit of virtual private cloud in detail why is it different from other clouds?

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answered Jul 17, 2018 by appy_v (243 points)

he virtual private cloud offers better resource allocation than the public cloud, leading to more consistent performance. Unlike the public cloud, virtual private cloud providers over-provision and isolate each user’s resource pool, ensuring that demand surges don’t lead to performance degradation.

Better control is one of the most important virtual private cloud benefits over public cloud computing. Users can control where the data is located, supporting hybrid cloud adoption, as well as enhanced security and compliance needs. For example, VPCs are often ideal for multi-tenant cloud computing in finance, since they allow users to isolate PCI data at a lower cost than traditional private cloud hosting.

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