What are the different datacenters deployed for virtual cloud computing?

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asked Jun 4, 2018 in Cloud-Computing by appy_v (243 points)

What are the different datacenters deployed for virual cloud computing?

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answered Jun 4, 2018 by appy_v (243 points)
Virtual Cloud computing is made up of various datacenters put together in a grid form. It consists of different datacenters like:
• Containerized Datacenters
These are the traditional datacenters that allow high level of customization with servers, mainframe and other resources. It requires planning, cooling, networking and power to access and work.

• Low-Density Datacenters
These datacenters are optimized to give high performance. In these datacenters the space constraint is being removed and there is an increased density. It has a drawback that with high density the heat issue also creeps in. These datacenters are very much suitable to develop the virtual cloud infrastructure.
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