Different types of Firewall

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asked May 3, 2018 in Software by Hitesh4949 (42 points)
What are the different types of firewalls? How many types are there?

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answered May 3, 2018 by Hitesh4949 (42 points)

Network-based WAFs are usually hardware-based and can reduce latency because they are installed locally, as close to the application as possible. Most major network-based WAF vendors allow replication of rules and settings across multiple appliances, thereby making large scale deployment and configuration possible. The biggest drawback for this type of WAF product is cost.

Host-based WAFs may be fully integrated into the application code itself. The benefits of application-based WAF implementation include low cost and increased customization options. Application-based WAFs can be a challenge to manage because they require local libraries and depend upon local server resources to run effectively.

Cloud-based WAFs offer a low-cost solution for organizations and easy to deploy, are availble on a subscription basis for the users and often require a simple DNS change to redirect application traffic and it would be quite challenging for ogranizations to filtering an web traffic with third-party provider, Cloud based WAF’s allow applications to be protected across a broad spectrum of hosting locations and use same plicies to protect against application layer attacks.

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