What tools are needed to make an app?

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asked Apr 22, 2018 in Software by niharika219 (41 points)
advantages of app development

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answered Apr 22, 2018 by niharika219 (41 points)
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Having a mobile app for your business is becoming so important in an age where 95% of Americans own a mobile device.

Plus, in a world where you can build your app in mere minutes, you really have no excuse not to create one.

However, there are so many mobile app development tools out there today it can make your head spin. How do you know which one to use? How do you avoid paying too much for tools you simply don’t need? Do you need to become a developer to use them?

BuildFire.js ,Framework.js,https://www.fgrade.com/,will help you make android apps without any tools

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answered Aug 31 by anonymous

Though there are multiple advantages of mobile apps it also needs to be built in ways to get the most out of it. Not all apps are successful so it's important to have the best app development team by your side.

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