Give 3 cuttlefish facts.

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related to the plant kingdom- plant anatomy, various parts of a plant.

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answered Jul 14, 2017 by Vartisha Lalwani (1,023 points)
Cuttlefish can change colour at where in less then a second. They do this to hide from predators and communicate their moon.

There brown Ink, which they squirt at enemies when making an escape  has been used by artists for centuries.

pet birds are given cutter for skeletons to pick for their calcium content.
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answered Jun 4, 2018 by Divyapanchal (58 points)
They range from the brightly-colored tiny flamboyant cuttlefish—which tops out at 8 centimeters (3 inches)—to the giant cuttlefish, which can grow up to 52 centimeters (20 inches).

Cuttlefish engaging in this odd behavior can "sometimes look like bulldogs with their arms pressed down and their backs arched,"

Cuttlefish rely on their incredible camouflaging abilities to avoid predators, changing color almost instantaneously to match their surroundings—a pretty neat trick for an animal that's colorblind. Three different layers of cells expand and contract to saturate the visible skin with a different array of colors that can be rearranged on a small enough scale to mimic almost any background.
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