Why fungi are bad?

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asked Jul 11, 2017 in Education by Vartisha Lalwani (1,023 points)

related to the plant kingdom- plant anatomy, various parts of a plant.

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2 Answers

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answered Jul 14, 2017 by Vartisha Lalwani (1,023 points)
Fungi is bad because –

Some fungi are highly poisonous and can even kill.

Dry rot fungus destroys wood and timber in houses.

fungi causes diseases such as athletes foot and ringworm

Fungi can attack paper, clothes and other household items.

Mildews, smuts and rust infect and destroy valuable crops.
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answered May 14, 2018 by Divyapanchal (58 points)
Fungi can live in the air, soil, water, and plants. There are also some fungi that live naturally in the human body.
When harmful fungi invade the body, they can be difficult to kill, as they can survive in the environment and re-infect the person trying to get better.

Who is at risk???

Fungal infections are common in humans and are usually not very serious if they are treated quickly and correctly.

Anyone with a weakened immune system may be more likely to contract a fungal infection, as well as anyone who is taking antibiotics.

Cancer treatment and diabetes may also make a person more prone to fungal infections.
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