what is SPARK?

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asked May 12, 2017 in Others by Madhulatha
what is SPARK in Indian Govt? How is it  useful for the development of Science and technology in India?
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2 Answers

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answered May 12, 2017 by Soham (508 points)
Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala is the fullform of SPARK.

It is an Integrated Personnel,Accounts and Payroll information system for the government of Kerala.
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answered May 12, 2017 by Bharath Mullapudi (174 points)


SPARK stands for 'Sustainable Progress Through Application of Research And Knowledge'.

It is a proposed initiative by top administrators in Indian Science to synergise the science activity in India.

Having an Independent Science and technology authority is one of the main recommendations of it.

It will have a discovery arm and a delivery arm which strives for solving the basic research problem all over the country and for evolving the public private partnerships respectively.

SPARK has it's own concerns and challenges. You can read different opinions of experts to understand it thoroughly.


-Bharath Mullapudi

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